Common types of Loans

Immediate Loans

Designed to meet all your needs and requirements

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Consolidate Loans

Outstanding balances on loans into a single account

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Home Loan Approvals

Buy your dream home quickly and without much hassle

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Loans for Students

Instant student loans in SA are among the best solutions

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The ‘How-to’ Guide for Urgent Loans

Tips: Managing your NEW Loan

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When looking at getting finance, the market for loans is quite plentiful. With loans for any lifestyle, and wallet, the banks and loan facilities in S...

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How to Handle Joint Expenses

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When you get married and start living with your spouse, you will inevitably share your finances as well. Even if you prefer your salaries in separate ...

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How Loans Work

In a complicated environment, the instant loans South Africa are designed to be easy for consumers to understand and use. Once you have found the right provider, you’ll need to fill out an application form and provide the set of required documents. In most cases, you can do this online or by fax, so there is no need to leave home to visit the office of a lender.

No matter what your circumstances, the fast review of your application is guaranteed. Usually, it takes just a few hours to get approved. Even if you have been blacklisted, it is possible to get approved, as long as you meet the precise eligibility criteria set by the lender.

Once approved, typically, it will take less then 24 hours for the funds to be wired to your checking account. The instant loans South Africa rightfully deserve their name - In most cases, it takes just a day to receive the cash. 

Types of Lending

We offer a wide variety of instant personal loans in South Africa. Some personal loans require no collateral, however  to qualify for such a loan, you need to be earning an income. If you already have a number of loans, there are programs for debt consolidation which are aimed at reducing your debt considerably and get your finances in order. Whether you need a home loan to buy a house or a student loan to study, you have come to the right place.

Availability of Cash

No matter where you are, instant loans are available in every corner of South Africa including Gauteng, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. All our lenders are reliable and follow strict regulations set by the National Credit Act and the National Credit Regulator of South Africa.

Whether you need to finance a major purchase or have found your self in a cash emergency situation, the instant loans South Africa will help you.

Useful Tips on Instant Approvals