ProfiCredit Instant Money Loans - a site aimed at assisting our customers with important personal finance and insurance decisions by comparing most offers currently available on the market and offering advice and information on finance and insurance providers on the South African market.

The site was established in 2008 and is a part of a network of financial websites, ProfiCredit Instant Money Loans on providing analysis and reports on the current financial providers and offers in order to help you navigate the complicated landscape of financial services and specifically instant loans providers. We offer complete and comprehensive information on carefully selected providers of these services.

There are suitable financial solutions available for anyone, no matter what their credit history or financial state and we aim to help you find the best solution for you and your circumstances.

We offer advice on finding the right loan providers and after taking out financial products our guides are aimed at helping you manage your personal finances, such as budgeting, debt management and tips on reducing your credit card debt quicker and much more.

Instant finance is an important topic and is important to know your options, so that you do not get involved with the wrong lenders as when you need this type of loans, they are usually in a case of emergency.

Loans to suit your Lifestyle!

Whether you need a simple loan to help pay some bills or a larger loan to renovate your house, it is important to understand how will financial companies score and judge your loan application in order to approve or decline your loan application. We provide you will all of the information that you need to start the process and move forward quickly and efficiently.

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    If you have a lot of debt, then you are certainly under a lot of stress. Indeed, it is stressful to make calculations till the middle of the night and restrict your spending to the possible minimum.

  • Watch Out for Loan Sharks

    You need to borrow money urgently because you have unexpected emergency expenses or have got into a lot of debt. At the same time, you have a bad credit record or you are blacklisted.

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